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Honda CB 750 K0 Diecast, 1969

Almost 50 years ago, in 1969, an earthquake rocked the world of motorcycles.
Honda released a for the time revolutionary machine on the world market: the CB 750.
It will be the start of the motorcycle renaissance.
Discovered at the 1968 Tokyo Fair, it will arrive in 1969 on the American and European markets.
1969 is the first flight of the Concorde and the first steps of a man on the moon.
“A small step for man, but a giant step for humanity”.

Indeed, with the marketing of the Honda CB 750, a giant step has been taken.
There will now be a before and after CB 750.
The arrival of this machine revolutionizes the motorcycle industry and is undeniably the starting point for a new era for this type of motorized machine.
With its 750 cm3 four-cylinder engine, its four carburetors, its electric starter, its front disc brake and its superb range of four chrome exhausts, the Honda powers lust.
Historically important, the CB 750 K0 has had worldwide success, bringing it to the rank of legend.

The CB 750 oven will be declined for almost ten years in different versions and developments. But, for all fans, the real CB 750 is the 1969 K0 model.
The first model is therefore the most sought after and the most coveted.
For collectors, it is the blood of Christ, the Holy Grail, a piece of the True Cross and the Mona Lisa combined.
The CB 750 K0 has exceeded 50 years. This anniversary was celebrated as it should be on the occasion of the SRC on the Paul Ricard circuit in May 2019.

The Honda CB 750 K0 presented here was imported from the US.
This CB 750 Diecast (the second model of K0 with painted casings) has a French road registration from 1969.

Fully restored (engine and cycle part) in 2019 it conforms to the origin and has all the specifics of the K0 model.
It runs perfectly.
Available and visible in France (Paris)
Price: € 25,000

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