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Honda CB 450 Black Bomber, 1966

Called Black Bomber for its black livery and chrome reservoir, the 1966 Honda CB 450 (4 speed model) is the first generation of twin cylinders DOHC produced by HONDA from 1966 to 1968.

Presented in 1965, the Dream 450 impresses with its DOHC engine, valve torsion bars, centrifugal oil purifier, depression carburetors and electric starter.

Designed by Japanese engineer Yoshido Harada to enter the American market, it will also be imported into Europe.
The CB 450 Back Bomber is one of the Honda models sought by collectors such as its previous CB 77 and the famous CB 750 Four cylinders produced in 1969.

This 1966 CB 450 was fully restored by its owner in 2020.
Complete and original, it works perfectly.
Available and visible in France (Paris) and comes with a French road registration.
This piece of Honda history is aimed at informed collectors.

Info and price on request.

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