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Yamaha TZ 125 G (3V3), 1980


Produced in 1980 The Yamaha TZ 125 G is the first 125 Customer competition equipped with liquid cooling.

125 CC, water monocylinder and Cantilever suspension, these motorcycles will mainly participate in the national races in Europe.

But for collectors, this practically new Yamaha is exceptional because despite her 40 years she only traveled a few laps of the Le Mans circuit in 1980.

Indeed, in 1980, our collaborator and former pilot Hubert Rigal discovers this model as communications manager of Sonauto, the Yamaha importer for France at that time.

To discover this model, he will make a few laps at the Le Mans circuit. Then this motorcycle will be sold to a Swiss collector who will keep it for thirty five years.
She will join a French collection in recent years without ever rolling since 1980.
Now for sale, it is therefore a historic model because new and original, never being raced, and with known history.

This is what most collectors are looking for, besides machines with racing pedigree.
This 125 TZ G is available in France.

Info and price on request.

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