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Suzuki TR 750 XR 11 (Factory), 1975 – Stan Woods

For the 1975 season, Suzuki will provide Castrol Suzuki GB team from TR 750 XR 11 factory for drivers Barry Sheene and Stanley Woods.
Stanley Woods will enter the 1975 and 76 seasons with the Suzuki TR 750 XR 11 equipped with a frame made by Erv Kanemoto, the famous Japanese tuner.

One of these 1975 motorcycles piloted by Stan Woods has survived and is now restored and available for collectors.

Stanley Woods won the Transatlantic Trophy at Oulton Park in 1975 (Formula 750) aboard this Suzuki TR 750.

This motorcycle in perfect working order was ridden in 2005 by Kevin Schwantz for the Biker’s Classic at Spa.

Available in Luxembourg
Price and info on request.

Historian Karl Hübben specializing in the TR 750 factory Suzuki told the story of this motorcycle in his publication (Flotter Dreier):

In Europe, the teams did not remain unchanged for the 1975 season. The Castrol Suzuki GB team, this time again led by Rex White, featured Barry Sheene and Stan Woods as in the previous year, with John “Noddy” Newbold also joining the team. The FIM Formula 750, the MCN Superbike series and the Shellsport Championships were the main areas of operation. In addition, if their other tasks permitted, Woods and Newbold should also compete in the 500cc World Championship as support for Sheene and Lansivuori, who are driving under a factory contract. An RGS00 (XR14) was available for Stan Woods and a two-cylinder TR500111 for John Newbold. Sheene and Woods got new 1975 TR750 machines, and for Newbold an XR11 was put together from a 1974 frame and some spare parts.

Stan Woods built an XR11 for himself in the fall of 1974, which was based on one of the 1974 Kanemoto frames for Gary Nixon. Barry Sheene brought the frame with him to Europe because his friend no longer needed it after the accident on the Suzuki test course in Japan. He left the frame to his teammate with the words: “It’s not suitable for the English short tracks anyway.” Stan Woods couldn’t have known at this point that he was being equipped with the latest model. It was really great, especially on the English short tracks, Stan Woods told me.

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