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KTM 495 cc Dakar, 1981Sold 

By 21 December 2023April 30th, 2024Competition motorcycles

In 1981, the Dakar was in its third edition.
For this event, Royal Moto, then KTM importer for France, engages four KTM 495 cc mono-cylinder, two-stroke in the Dakar race.
These motorcycles, originally intended for the moto cross will be prepared in the workshops of Royal Moto and entrusted to Gilles Francru (n ° 25), Yann Cadoret (n ° 26), Elia Andreoletti (n ° 27) and Philippe Augier (n ° 28).
Apart from the one of Gilles Francru with the remarkable result that we know (5th overall of the Dakar 1981), these motorcycles will be left in the desert, following the abandonment of their pilots.
They certainly still remain there.

After the arrival, Gilles Francru’s n ° 25 will be partly restored to be exhibited for 10 years in the Royal Moto show room.
When he retired, Gilles Cosson, the boss of Royal Moto, will offer this motorcycle to Gilles Francru.
He will restore the engine and keep it for 18 years.

In 2010, Gilles moved to Morocco and left the motorcycle in France, with one of his friends.
This is where our collaborator Hubert Rigal (discoverer of rare gems) will find this motorcycle, which will be sold to an Austrian enthusiast.
It is currently located in Vienna, Austria and available again to join another collection.

This is a rare official motorcycle of the first Dakar.

This motorbike has already been sold.

Technical specifications:
Two -stroke mono-cylinder 495 cc
53 CV at 6,900 rpm
Weight: 123 kg
3 tanks of 20 L each.
40 mm Bing carburetor with two jets
Desert air filter.
Speed 170 km/h
Marzocchi front fork 38 mm diameter and 300 mm travel equipped with a pneumatic kit.
Fox shock absorbers 260 mm travel.
Reinforced frame. Special crown (trial for the Dakar 1980)
Toric joint chain.

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