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Harley-Davidson XR1000, 1983Sold 

By 24 July 2022January 29th, 2023Touring/sport motorcycles

Produced in 1983 and 84, the Harley Davidson XR 1000 is the representative on the road of the famous and legendary XR 750 Dirt Track.
The XR 750 having won the three Grand National Championship titles in the USA between 1976 and 78 with the American pilot Jay Springsteen at the handlebars.

Built in six months by the Harley competition department of Dick O’Brien, the feat will be to give real sporting genes to the American roadster.
Timed in March 1983 by Cycle World magazine, it will go under 13 seconds over the 400m and a top speed of 200 km/h.
Produced in 1750 copies in 1983 and 84, it will never be commercialized in France.

The Harley Davidson XR 1000 offered here was imported from the USA and has a French registration document.
It has covered only 14,830 miles (23,680 km) in 40 years. (Counter in miles and kilometers per hour.)
It is in perfect mechanical condition and completely original. A real collector’s item for Harley enthusiasts.

This motorcycle has already been sold.

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