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Suzuki TR 500 (XR 05), 1973Sold 

By 28 January 2022April 15th, 2023Competition motorcycles

In early 1973, the Suzuki importer SAIAD for Italy receives straight from Japan new 500cc Grand Prix twin-cylinders for Guido Mandracci and Jack Findlay.
It’s one of those bikes we offer here.
This is the first ever Suzuki TR 500 XR 05 water-cooled twin-cylinder arrived in Europe.
Of the 17 TR 500 produced by Suzuki, only 5 will be shipped to Europe including 4 for SAIAD.

In 70/71, the Suzuki TR 500 are air cooled and are among the fastest 500 of competition, but are not always very reliable.
To overcome this, in 1973 the factory starts the XR05, a new water-cooled twin-cylinder competition bike with 5 transfer cylinders of 80 hp with a 6-speed gearbox and capable of 270 km/h.

The first bikes were sent to Europe at SAIAD. The Suzuki Europa Racing Team was created, led by Hideyuki Miyakawa (General Manager), Mario Bagini (Race Director) and Roberto Patrignani (Team Manager).
In 1973 Jack Findlay will finish the 500 world championship in 5th place and will win the senior TT on the Isle of Man riding the Suzuki.

One of these rare machines has been preserved and restored and currently participates in European classical events.

This motorbike has already been sold.

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