Yamaha TZ 750 D 1977 ( English version )

The Yamaha TZ 750 (D, E, F) from 1977 to 1979 are unquestionably the best-performing and most sought-after customer competitions.
Derivatives of fabulous 0W31 driven by world champions
(Agostini, Roberts, Baker, Cecotto, Pons, Sarron, etc …) they have marked the history of motorcycle racing.
Now over 40 years old, what a collector has not dreamed of owning a new TZ 750.
The TZ 750 that we offer is not completely new, however, it has been restored by the French preparer Jacky Germain
(Sonauto Team 1979 1979 World Champion with Patrick Pons) with attention to detail to have a motorcycle 100% original with the maximum of new parts.
Thus, the fairing and bubble are new and original manufacturer which is extremely rare.
The bike is complete and can be used, however it has been restored to the collection in the most minute detail.
Up to the original bolting.
Even the tires, Dunlop Japanese are original.
This bike has long been in the collection of our collaborator Hubert Rigal Team Manager of the Yamaha Historic Racing Team
Official Yamaha Europe official team that makes former Yamaha world champions ride European classic events.

Available in France (Paris)

Further information upon request.
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