In 1974, Yamaha produced the most competitive racing motorcycle: the fabulous TZ 700 four-cylinder two-stroke.
For his first race on a Yamaha and one of the first races of this new model, the famous pilot Giacomo Agostini (15 times world champion) won the 200 Miles of Daytona 1974.
It will be the beginning of fabulous races in which the best pilots in the world were riding TZ 700, like Giacomo Agostini, Kenny Roberts, Steve Baker or Johnny Cecotto…
The TZ 700 will be marketed from 1974 until 1976 when it receives 750 cc cylinders. It disappeared in 1977 to give way to the TZ 750 D cantilever until 1979, when the 750 world championship disappeared.

Some TZ 700 arrived in France in early 1974, imported by Sonauto Yamaha. The first two were awarded to Team Sonauto for Patrick Pons and Christian Bourgeois. Jean Paul Boinet got the third one and the last went to the Team Michel Bétemps for René Guili, who won the 750 French Championship egos same year.

This bike remained in a workshop for thirty years. It was then completely restored by the Yamaha Historic Racing Team with Hubert Rigal. The engine has been completely overhauled with new 700 cc cylinders.

It is now perfectly operational and running and is ideal for participating in classic events.


This exceptional racing bike is now available in France.


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