The TT 500 is a lighter version of the famous XT 500.
A kind of customer competition, the TT 500 was reserved to the American market.
It was never imported into Europe, except for the three bikes entered on the first Paris Dakar for the Sonauto Yamaha team.
Unlike the XT 500, the TT 500 features an lighter exhaust muffler, a racing camshaft, an aluminum tank, a shorter frame loop, a larger steering  angle, a simplified electric network, all this allowing 12 kg less than the XT.
This unique machine has been tremendously restored: it is in a new state.

This rare model in Europe has a French registration document and is available in France

Type:     Yamaha 1T1
Model:     TT 500 D
Year:       1977
Dispacement: 500 cc
4 strokes monocylinder engine
Power: 27 hp
Colo :     New Electro orange
VIN:        1T1-1004514


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