Yamaha FZR 750 R – 0W01 1989 for sale at www.classic-motorbikes.com.

Produced in 1988 the Yamaha FZR 750 R 0W01 is an evolution of the FZR 750 R.
Like the Honda RC 30, Suzuki GSXR or Kawasaki ZXR, the Yamaha 0W01 is the spearhead of sport bikes in the Yamaha range.
These motorcycles are now over thirty years old and therefore become (collector).
Real competition motorcycle approved for the road to 1000 copies many FZR have raced and it is rare to find short kilometers and completely original.
The FZR 750 R 0W01 (Type 3FV) that we present to you is in this configuration (collector)
Few kilometers (8 200 kms) entirely original and in concourse condition.
Registered in England, it has all the documents to register in Europe (Imported into France before Brexit).
This 1989 Yamaha FZR 750 R – 0W01 is now for sale and visible in France (Paris).
More information and price upon request.

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