Introduced at the 1967 Tokyo Motor Show, the Yamaha 250 DT-1 was Yamaha’s first trail bike.
It is powered by a two-stroke 246cc single-cylinder engine that develops 21 hp at 7,000rpm and uses the famous “Autolube”, a separate lubrication system created in 1964 that eliminates the need of an oil-fuel mixture.
With a reasonable weight of 117 kg, this trail bike can reach a top speed of 120 km/h. Wiser than an enduro but adapted to off-road use, the DT-1 had a great success in the United States.
The Yamaha 250 DT-1 marked the history of trail bikes.
Rare in this state of origin, this DT-1 is an American import. Restored (engine and chassis) in 2014 by specialist, it is in a new state.

This motorcycle has already been sold.

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