The 500 cc single cylinder Vincent Gray Flash is the competition version of the Vincent Comet as the 1000 cc V twin cylinders Black Lightning is the competition version
of the Vincent Black Shadow.
Produced in England from 1949 to 1952 to very few copies, this model is very rare: only 31 copies of the Gray Flash were produced by the factory…
It is one of the most sought after classic motorcycles and one of the highest rated as the latest Vincent Black Lighting was sold in the US for nearly 900 000 USD!
However, it is very difficult these days to find a complete original Gray Flash and in good condition: like many competitive motorcycles of those times, they were modified, prepared, repaired, and (more or less) improved.

The Gray Flash presented here is a special comet-based bike prepared by the Vincent’s French specialist Patrick Godet.
Patrick Godet prepared this machine from 199 to 1995 to run it himself. It was his personal bike.
Many original Gray Flash’s parts were used, as well as modified or reconstructed ones : camshaft, carburetor, dry clutch, Albion gearbox, etc.
The goal was to run with the most efficient possible Vincent single cylinder.
For lovers of competitive motorcycles of the 50s, this is one of the most powerful 500 cc. Faster than a Norton Manx…
This bike has remained for the last two decades, in France, in one of the most complete collection of Vincent in the world.
It is therefore to restart to be operational.

It is available in Paris, France.

Further information and price upon request.


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