Sell a motorbike

In over a decade of working in the classic vehicle trade business we have acquired an excellent knowledge about the market of historic collectors’ vehicles. We offer this expertize and accompany our clients in all steps of the sales process, from the evaluation to finalizing the transaction…
We are permanently looking for rare classic motorcbikes in outstanding condition or with a particular history, for our own collection or following a specific customer request.

If you own a collectible classic motorbike and think about selling it, please contact us providing the following information:

Brief description of the motorbike
History, condition, restoration or maintenance carried out
Total mileage or hours since last engine overhaul for race bikes
Your value estimation.
Photo report of the motorbike
Profile pictures of both sides, for racing bikes with and without fairing
Front and rear view, ¾ front and rear, detailed shots of the tank, the seat
Engine both sides and ¾
Close-ups of speedometer or dashboard
Frame and engine number.
The size of the pictures should be minimum 1024 x 768 px.
Note: We recommend to transfer images using web transfer services like WeTransfer (free service) rather than by e-mail (10 MB max per mail)
Copy of relevant documentation such as road registration document, restoration invoices, certificates of authenticity, period documents…
Your full contact details

We will evaluate your proposal and will inform you how to proceed.
You’ll find how to contact us on this page.


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