Imola circuit in Italy, 23 April 1972. The famous Italian race track hosts one of the most important motorcycle events in the world, besides the 200 miles of Daytona: the 200 miles of Imola. Barely a month before the race, the MV Agusta factory received the green light from Corrado Agusta, one of the founder’s sons, to prepare two very special 750 conform to the regulations of this event. In fact, the engaged bikes strictly had to be derived from a serial production. It was Arturo Magni, head of the racing department of the brand, who was entrusted with the project.

One month to prepare the racing bikes
In accordance with the regulation of the event, the MV F 750 kept the cardan and the original gearbox of the 750 S. But the engine could be tuned and the frame modified…
The upper engine carter was radically transformed: admission increased from 30 to 34 mm, the exhaust from 28 to 29 mm and the Dell’Orto were rebored to 30mm. That’s how Magni was able to pass the power from 60 to 85 bhp at 9000 rpm…
These engines were mounted in a new frame. That frame wasn’t just designed overnight: Actually, Magni had manufactured a prototype for a possible new model of the 750… The same principle applied to the brakes, these machines were equipped with Ceriani brakes from the 500 GP, the fork was a 38 mm Ceriani, the wheels Borrani, etc. In the end, the weight falls from 235 to 190 kg…

These two bikes were entrusted to Giacomo Agostini and Nello Pagani.
Due to technical problems that occurred during the testing, Pagani won’t be at the start.
Agostini started like a flash. He remained in lead for 5 laps until he was overtaken by Paul Smart on a Ducati.
In the 40th lap, Agostini’s MV had to abandon the race, due to a technical problem.

A replica or a true copy?
Amongst collectors’ bikes, this MV F 750 S is mythical. The original bike ridden by Agostini was modified by Magni: a secondary chain replaced the cardan, disc brakes replaced the drum brakes and the cylinders head received 4 valves each. That bike is now in a private collection in the USA. Pagani’s, on the other hand, remained in Italy.
The here presented MV F 750 S is an identical replica of this fabulous bike.
The frame was built in 2011 by Giovanni Magni, son of Arturo Magni, who had built the original 40 years ago. The late Arturo Magni celebrated his 90s birthday in December 2015 and passed soon after…
The serial frame number attributed by Magni is #1404. The original bikes of Agostini and Pagani had the numbers 1402 and 1403… The engine was also personally prepared by Magni with the real parts and correct carburetors.

This machine is in perfect working order, it is a unique opportunity to ride like Agostini…
Now available in Switzerland.

Further information and asking price are available upon request.

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