The Yamaha Historic Racing Team is the official Yamaha Europe Team has been participating in classic European events for several years. It sells its Workshop Motorhome, a Ford F 750 Funmover 42D.

The team has a dozen racing bikes from the 70s and 80s (TZ 750 and YZR 500) that ride former Yamaha world champions: Giacomo Agostini, Steve Baker, Johnny Cecotto, Christian Sarron, Kenny Roberts… The bikes are prepared and maintained by Jacky Germain, former Yamaha world champion trainer of Patrick Pons and Christian Sarron. The team of 5 drivers and 4 mechanics has a Ford workshop motorhome for events. This exceptional Motorhome is now available for sale.

We imported the Motorhome from Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2013. We registered it in Luxemburg. It is annually maintained and revised by a trucks specialist (invoices available).Technical inspection carried out until 2022. The 6 Michelin tires, 4 batteries and brakes have been changed in 2020 (invoices available). It is in perfect mechanical condition and has currently only 100,000 miles (160,000 km).

The cell is equipped with three beds including two two person beds. It has a bathroom with shower (hot / cold water) with WC, heating, air conditioning (cabin, cell and workshop), kitchen, gas oven, microwave, fridge freezer, storage, two televisions (indoor and outdoor), radio and a DVD player, including a european electrical connection (220 volts) outside. Water reserve is 200 liters. Two (new) batteries for the truck and two (new) batteries for the cell, with switches installed.

The workshop part is wide enough for transporting six faired speed motorcycles and has multiple boxes. Hydraulic and electric tailgate. Part of the cell opens to the left side, three feet. There is an electric awning on the entire side of the cell (2.50m X 6m)

Heavy vehicle driving license is required. As the Luxemburg registration card specifies that it is a special motohome vehicle it can be driven without a driving time meter or a speed limiter. It comes with a “covering”, which is easy to tear off.

Truck, technical specs

Brand: Ford
Type: F 750
Weight: 12 tones
Year: 2008
Engine: Caterpillar 7200cc six-cylinder turbo diesel 360hp (consumption 30 l / 100km.) Autonomy 800km.
Gearbox: Allison six-speed button (magical)
It runs at 140 on the motorway, but heavy duty motorhomes are limited to 110 on the motorway.
It is powerful (360 hp) which makes it possible, while remaining within the legal speed limits, to easily overtake all heavy vehicles.

Motorhome, technical specs

Brand: Fourwinds Funmover
Type: 42 D (This is the largest with the workshop compartment)
Total length: 13.50m plus 2m tailgate when unfolded.
Max width: 2.60m
Max height: 4.00m

USA price for a brand new one: 250,000 USD (excluding 10% import taxes + VAT and transport)
Sale price: € 100,000 excluding VAT.



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