Kawasaki H2R 1973

The Kawasaki 750 H2R made its mark in the early 70s.
As early as 1972 the international races like the 200 miles of Imola, Daytona or the Moto Journal 200 in France promoted the 750 cc races.
Formula 750 and then the European Championship and finally the 750 World Championship will be organized. These 750 cc events will end at the end of 1979.
Japanese manufacturers producing 750cc sports bikes developed competition models to compete in the flagship events of the 1970s.
This was the case for Kawasaki, who produced the famous H2 two-stroke three-cylinder, and declined a high-performance H2R competition machine in 1972.
These factory machines were piloted by many famous pilots: (Duhamel, Nixon, Baumann, Hansford, Offenstadt, Leon etc …)
Our collaborator Hubert Rigal, former pilot Kawasaki S.I.D.E.M.M
(Former importer Kawasaki for France) who had the opportunity to drive H2R at the time was able to trace the history of the Kawasaki H2R presented here.
It is an original H2R (there are indeed many replicas mainly produced in Italy). .two H2Rs were ordered by the French importer Kawasaki Xavier Maugendre at the factory in Japan for the French drivers Eric Offenstadt and Christian Léon to participate in the first test of the 1973 calendar the 200 miles of Daytona.
The motorcycles being in delay of production, they were sent directly to the USA, and recovered in Atlanta by the Guignabodet team then dealer Kawasaki and preparer of the H1R of Christian Lèon.
Christian Léon will give up halfway through a mechanical breakdown.
The two motorcycles will return to Japan to be made reliable and then will be sent back to France where they will be driven by Christian Léon and Jean François Baldé under the colors of ELF.
Christian Léon will still drive this bike on the 75O events in 1974 and the company S.I.D.E.M.M will be sold to the Japanese who will create Kawasaki Motor France.
Léon’s H2R will then be sold and will end his career in collections in France.
We were able to trace the different collectors (4 in all).
So, the history of this machine is known.
It is complete and rolling.
It has been restored to its original configuration of Daytona 1973.

This bike has already been sold.
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