The AMA (American Motorcycle Association) organized in the 70’s the 200 miles of Daytona in Florida.
This event included two separate competitions, 200 miles for motorcycles up to 750 cc, and 100 miles for 250 cc motorcycles.
However, the regulation allowed the 350cc to run if the engine had only a single cylinder.
Most of the bikes entered in this 100-mile race were Yamaha TZ 250 two-stroke two-stroke In 1973, Kawasaki produced a 350cc single-cylinder, two-stroke, rotary distributor called Big Horn.
Randy Hall, the Team Hansen engineer who was preparing the Kawasaki 750 H2R for the 200 miles of Daytona had the idea of preparing a competition Big Horn to engage him on the 100-mile race of Daytona 1973.
Two Kawasaki Big Horns (350cc F9R) were started in 1973 for the Canadian Yvon Duhamel and the American Art Baumann on the 100 miles of Daytona. Both bikes were of different preparation.
That of Yvon Duhamel had a fork Cerani GP and a front brake Fontana and rear brake H1R.
The frames came from Kawasaki A1R RA (250 2 T bicylinders 1973)
These bikes will run in various races in the USA in 1973.
The Big Horn 1973 will entered some racing events in USA between 73 and 76 .
This Big Horn is complete and running .

This bike has already been sold.

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