In the world of motorbikes, as in the classic car scene, there are rare gems. Of course, rare and expensive.
These pearls on two wheels are exceptional either due to their racing history, concerning race bikes, or their rarity when we look at street bikes.
At present, amongst the bikes that benefit of a vivid increase in value, we can mention the MV Agusta 4 cylinder.
Our collaborator Hubert Rigal, always looking for rare models, has already discovered a remarkable number. This time, his latest discovery is close to miraculous! See for yourself why.

In 1967, Count Giovanni Agusta, whose MV Agusta factory (Meccanica Verghera Agusta) has already produced multiple world champions, reveals the very first 4 cylinder road bike, a direct sibling of the legendary grand prix bikes: the MV 600, 4 cylinder double overhead camshaft, front disc brakes. Only a year later the Honda CB 750 was introduced, 4 cylinder with single overhead camshaft and disc brakes, a for that time revolutionary bike that marked the posterity!
Whereas there was a total production of 550,000 CB 750 which nowadays is strongly researched by collectors, there were only 133 examples ever built of the MV 600. That’s to say that this model is rare. Extremely rare.
Try to imagine the enchantment of Hubert Rigal when, after a long investigation, he finally was able to find one in perfect condition. And on top of it, he found the number 199001, the very first MV 600 ever built!
It’s the very bike which was presented by Ian Faloon in his excellent book…

In the meantime Hubert is up for further discoveries, but there is little doubt, it will be hard to top this one.