Honda VFR 750 R RC30
After the CB 750 of 1969, the famous RC 30 is one of the most legendary Honda of all the production of the first world manufacturer.
Beautiful, victorious, with very advanced technology over the competition of the time, the RC 30 is a must in the motorcycle collection.
The VFR 750 R RC30 was produced for four years. From 1987 to 1990.
580 units were sold in France.
The RC 30 has now entered a kind of speculative madness where prices have soared and keep rising.
Many RC 30s have raced with superb results.
It is currently difficult to find an original RC 30 with few kilometers.
Very sought after, there have been many more or less convincing restorations.
So finding a new, genuine RC 30 is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
However, this is what Classic Motorbikes offers you. The holy grail, the blood of Christ. A RC 30…. Practically new and original.
The bike we are offering has covered 384 kilometers in 33 years with four owners.
Sold new by a German dealer, it will be sold in 2014 to a British collector with 81 km.
It will change hands in 2018 to arrive in a French collection with 250 km.
The current owner decides today to part with 384 km.
The history is known (file available with names, dates, photos, etc.)
It has a French registration card.
The machine is in perfect working order and has been checked.
Visible in France (Paris)
Info and prices on request

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