Works Grand Prix 500 are very hard to obtain. Japanese factories never sellthese bikes. The only ones that become parts of collections have been kept by former teams, pilots or sponsors. It’s always a miracle to get one of these bikes.

This 1985 Honda NS 500 (works) had been kept by the sponsor Rothmans.
It’s one of Honda Britain Team’s bikes.
This bike it’s equipped with spéciale factory parts .
These parts are different from the ones used for the RS500 (competition client), they’re only used for the official works NS 500.

This NS 500 (engine serial number NS 500 XXXX) comes with the following special parts:

-NS 500 engine, three cylinders with three ATAC systems (two on the RS)
-Magnesium carbs (aluminium on the RS)
-Magnesium front fork (aluminium on the RS)
-Round seat silencer (oval on the RS)
-Marvic rims, front 16 inches, rear 18 inches (Comstar on the RS)

Our collaborator Hubert Rigal, a former official pilot for Mitsubishi in Rallye Raids (Dakar), worked with Rothmans International (sponsor of Mitsubishi Team).
This exceptional NS 500 is for sale and visible in France. It’s a unique opportunity to buy one of the best former works 500.

Price and additional information available on request.

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