A living myth of technology and performance, the NR 750 represents 15 years of development, 200 scientific patents filed and four world speed records beaten at nearly 300 km/h.
Exceptional sophistication, the NR 750 impresses with these figures that translate the technical mastery of a manufacturer ahead of his time.
Honda is a precursor and the NR 750 proves it with its unique mechanics in the world: 4 oval pistons, 8 connecting rods, 32 valves, piloted ignition and electronic injection.
Its cycle part and the materials used complete this exceptional set with an all aluminum frame (single arm, pro-arm and beam frame) and the massive use of titanium, carbon magnesium or Titanium.
Only 322 copies (from 1992 to 1994) of the NR were produced and it makes it a unique bike that reaches such a level of technology and sophistication that no other machine in the world has been compared so far.

The Honda NR presented here is a French model, the second of the twenty RC 41 imported in France in 1992. It’s a first hand.
Purchased new in 1992 the owner traveled only 8.000 km with it.
It has all the original accessories: keys, silver key holder, user’s manual, workshop crutch, tool kit, etc.

Available and visible in Paris, France.

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