50 years of Honda CB 750
More than 50 years ago, in 1969, Honda released a for the time revolutionary machine: the CB 750.
This was the start of the motorcycle revival.
Introduced at the 1968 Tokyo Motor Show, it arrived on the American and European markets in 1969.
In the same year the Concorde took off for the first commercial flight and the first man stepped on the moon; “A small step for man, but a giant step for mankind”.
Indeed, with the introduction of the Honda CB 750, a giant leap has just been taken. There will now be a before and an after CB 750.
The arrival of this machine revolutionized the motorcycle industry, and is undeniably the starting point of a new era for this type of motorized machine.
With its 750 cc four-cylinder engine, four carburetors, electric starter, front disc brake, and superb line with four chrome exhaust pipes, the Honda is stirring up envy.
Of historical importance, the CB 750 K0 has achieved worldwide success which has elevated it to the rank of a legend.
The CB 750 four will be available for nearly ten years in different versions and evolutions.
But, for all enthusiasts, the real CB 750 is the K0 model of 1969 (Sandcast), the first model and therefore the most sought after and the most coveted.
For collectors, it is the blood of Christ, the Holy Grail, a piece of the True Cross and the Mona Lisa put together.

The CB 750 K0 has just turned 50 years old.

The Honda CB 750 that we present to you is a CB 750 K0 Sandcast (sand cast engine cases) from 1969.
It is in the original colors (Candy Red), complete and in excellent mechanical condition.
After 50 years it was of course restored in 2020 and has all the details inherent in the Sandcast model.
It has only traveled 973 km since full restoration (engine and chassis).
It is of course equipped with the original four-wire carburetors.
Available in France (Paris), it has a French circulation document.
Indeed, the CB 750 K0 have seen prices increase since the 50 years anniversary.
This type of motorcycle also corresponds to a passionate investment.

Additional information and prices on request.

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