Honda has already forged a great image in Grand Prix when, in May 1962, it launches the 125 CR93, its first pure “competition-client”.
Soon will follow the 50 CR110, then the 250 CR72 and the 305 CR77.
All these CRs are specific models that do not derive from road versions.
With a four-stroketwin-cylinder, the CR 93 shares nothing with the factory RC143 from 1960. Its distribution is driven by a cascade of gears and not by shaft and conical torque, and its engine ratings are different, making this machine a very special version.
At a time when apart Bultaco the 125 “client” are rare, the CR93 has a great success. it is estimated that 150 copies of the CR93 competition were produced until 1964.

Technical specifications

Twin cylinder 4 stroke cooled by air
124 cc (43 x 43 mm)
20 hp at 11,500 rpm
Double ACT gear-driven, 4 valves per cylinder
Wet gearbox
Mechanical breaker ignition
5-speed gearbox
Chain drive
Tubular backbone frame, suspended motor
Tank and saddle fairing in aluminum
Brake drum
Tires : front 2.50 x 18″, rear 2.75 x 18″
127 kg
160 km/h

Few CR 93s have managed to preserve their original aluminum fairing. Most of the time, the pilots replaced them with a less fragile fiber fairing and the specimens as compliant as this one are rare.
This CR 93 from 1963 was restored in Holland by the known Dutch collector Jan Keessen.
It was part of the Keessen collection.
It is therefore in a mechanical state and part cycle of origin competitions, with matching numbers


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