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The machines we offer for sale undergo a very severe selection by our experts, regarding their quality, history and… rarity! Classic Motorbikes takes it a step further than traditional classified ads…
The motorbikes are thoroughly inspected by a member of the Classic Motorbikes Team or a designated expert. We undertake specific research and verification of the available documentation.
The description and photo report allow any interested party to be aware of a motorbike’s condition, origin and history. Further information and answers to specific questions will be given upon request.
The provided information should allow to take a purchase decision although every potential customer can inspect the vehicle personally. We can arrange viewing at the location of the bike upon appointment.
Worldwide shipping and professional packaging can be arranged for the buyer. We will provide the appropriate services worldwide.
Our goal is to satisfy the expectations of our customers and to build a long-term relationship.

Are you looking for a specific model?
If you’re looking for the rare jem, please get in touch with us. Thanks to our excellent international contacts in the motorcycle world and our continuous search for interesting vehicles, we are able to help you sourcing the motorbike you’re looking for.

Our warranties
The description of the motorbike is done to our best knowledge and reflects the current condition of the bike at the time of inspection, testified by a comprehensive photo documentation.
We encourage our customers to inspect the bikes personally or by a designated expert prior to the purchase.
Given the fact that the motorbikes presented are often several decades old, we cannot give a full warranty about their proper functioning over a limited time period.


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