For lovers of classic competition motorcycles, there are the “exceptional”. They are always rare and expensive, so hard to find. Among the best sellers, we find the Honda four and six cylinders of the sixties, MV three and four cylinders or Gilera four cylinders.
To this list, we can add the fabulous BMW 500 Rennsport from the 60’s…
In 1954, BMW built 24 Rennsport solo type 254 with a 500 cc engine and 50 more engines for racing sidecars.
The 500 cc flat twin engine, with double overhead camshaft controlled by transverse shafts and bevel gears, is specific to this model.
With the Rennsport, the BMW factory drivers Walter Zeller and Georg Meier won everything durind the 60’s, including the Tourist Trophy.
BMW has been a sidecar world champion in for years with machines equipped with this Rennsport engine.
The Rennsport 500 that we present here has been restored in Spain by a specialist. This RS 54 (type 254) solo model is very rare: there must remain less than a dozen in the world among the 24 originally producted.
The engine was entrusted for this restoration to the famous Swiss sidecar driver Claude Lambert, renown as a Rennsport specialist.
The 5-speed gearbox is a Lünemann, one that was used at this time.
It is complete and rotating and immediately available in northern Spain. We can ship this motorcycle worldwide.

The asking price and further information will be communicated upon simple request.


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